Portable Displays  The Tornado                                                                                Suitable for indoor our outdoor use                                              Hollow base for water / sand weighting                                              Optional poles and header board                                              Carry bag   The Counta                                                 Lightweight, flat pack display unit                                               Cost effective                                               Includes rigid header panel and poles                                               Carry bag Folding Kits                                                  Available as 6,7 and 8 panel kits                                               Quick and easy to assemble                                               Looped nylon fabric and available in a wide                                               range of different colours The Magnetix                                                 Stand alone folding panel kit                                                 Available in silver, black or gray edge                                                 Lightweight and easy to set up                                                 Graphics fitted with magnetic tape   The Eco Kit                                                 Constructed from PVC frames                                                 Class 1 fire rated                                                 Easy to transport with graphics fitted                                                 Available as 3,4,6,7, and 8 panel kits © Flawless Web Design. All rights reserved.